2014 CX Season Schedule released!

Get excited! We’ve released the 2014-2015 ECCC Cyclocross schedule!

Find the full details on the ECCC Calendar page!

Oct 18

Hanover CX

Hanover, NH

Oct 19


Saratoga Springs, NY

Oct 26

Crossasaurus Awesome

Upper Salford, PA

Nov 1/2

CycleSmart International Weekend

Northampton, MA

Nov 22/23

SuperCross Cup Weekend

Stone Point, NY

Dec 6/7

NBX Weekend

Warwick, RI

Jan 7-11

USA Cycling Cyclocross Nationals

Austin, TX

Note: An additional cyclocross weekend put on by the University of Pittsburgh will be announce once race details are finalized.

Steven & Tim

Cyclocross Season Schedule Release

A lot of you have been asking and waiting for this to come out and
finally it has, the ECCC 2013 Cyclocross Calendar has been posted to
the Calendar Page [1]. This year it will be a smaller schedule using
events that have been successful in the past with a few new ones
thrown in for charm.

Note that these events are not stand only collegiate events and you
will be racing within a standard USAC race, which means that you must
have a full USAC license in order to race, not just the collegiate
license. In order to get scored in the ECCC standings you must wear
your collegiate kit (or a blank kit if you don’t have a collegiate
kit) during the race and be listed in the results as your collegiate

In order to qualify for Nationals, you must have done at least one
ECCC race, but not necessarily an A race. In order to race at
Nationals, though, you must have an A license. An A racer is
considered a USAC category 1/2/3 rider; B racer 3/4; and C racer 4/5.
Depending on the event and the categories they are running, what the
ECCC defines as A/B/C for points may vary a little.

For the A racers out there, some of the events are UCI races that will
require you to have an UCI License in order to race in highest
category. To balance this out for the people that don’t want to pay
the extra money for the international license, there are other events
on our calendar that are non-UCI events where you can get those
valuable points.

The season starts soon so you better have been using the past month
back at school gluing up tires, running up steps, and getting ready
for the mud (or racing Mountain Bike Season).

[1] http://collegiatecycling.org/eccc/wiki/index.php?n=Calendar.Current

Steve Hopengarten and Tim Manzella
ECCC Cyclocross Coordinates

Timothy Manzella
Ross Technology Corporation
Engineer/Project Manager
Drexel University 2011
Architectural Engineering – Structural Concentration


Hey all,

If you are not racing MTBs this weekend, this is looking to be a to be a great event in the heart of downtown Boston!

ECCC Cyclocross Coordinator

Cyclocross Season Final Standings!

After a whirlwind season of 13 races it’s finally time to announce our overall champions for the 2013 ECCC Cyclocross series!

Individual Overalls:

Men A:

1) Peter Hagerty (RIT) – D2 Champion, front row call up at nationals
2) Andrew Lysaght (MIT)
3) Patrick Bradley (Rutgers) – D1 Champion, front row call up at nationals

Women A:

1) Jordan Dube (Northeastern) – D1 Champion, front row call up at nationals
2) Christina Birch (MIT) – D2 Champion, front row call up at nationals, wins tie breaker for 2nd overall after winning conference championship event
3) Jess Kutz (Penn State)

Team Overalls:

1) Rochester Institute of Technology – D2 Champions
2) Massachusetts Institute of Technology
3) Yale University – Ivy League Champions
4) United States Military Academy
5) University of Vermont – D1 champions

Thanks to all that showed up this season!

Final standings have been posted here: http://collegiatecycling.org/eccc/wiki/index.php?n=Calendar.Current

We will be releasing the list of eligible riders for nationals shortly.

If there are any questions, comments or concerns please reach out to myself or Tim

Steven & Tim
ECCC Cyclocross Coordination Team

Easterns results!

RIT takes the team overall for the second year in a row, MIT takes second and Yale takes third!

CX Awards Ceremony Tomorrow

Hey All,

We will be doing a lightning fast awards ceremony after the Men’s Elite Race tomorrow at Regional Championships, based on last year, it’ll be around 20 minutes.

Podiums will be for:

Mens C Overall
Mens B Overall
Mens A Overall

Womens B Overall
Womens A Overall

Mens C Race
Mens B Race
Mens A Race

Womens B Race
Womens A Race

Team Overalls

Be sure to stick around!

Also, you can still register day-of for any category for a last chance nationals qualifier!

-Steven & Tim
ECCC Cyclocross team

CX Updates & Nationals

Hey All,

Just a friendly reminder that we have a scant 3 days of Cyclocross left this year. These will be your last chances to improve your team’s stature in the overall standings as well as qualify for nationals in Madison this January.

December 8-9: Supercross Cup 2012 East Meadow, NY https://www.bikereg.com/Net/17443
December 16: New England Regional Championships – ECCC Championship Fitchburg, MA https://www.bikereg.com/Net/17544

Also a friendly reminder that with nationals approaching the qualfication requirements are as follows:

1) You must have competed in at least 1 ECCC race A or B race under your collegiate team name, wearing your collegiate team kit
2) You must be at least a category 3 racer or Collegiate Cyclocross A racer
3) You must be a full time student with good standing with your college/university and get approval from the registrar
4) Your collegiate team must be registered with USACycling for 2013

Details about Nationals qualification can be found here: http://usacycling.org/news/user/story.php?id=6574

Happy Crossing!

Steven & Tim
ECCC Cyclocross Team


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