ECCC Cyclocross Championships


Editor’s Note:  Many thanks to Bill Palm for a great season, all of his efforts and much of the content for this post.


For the fourth year in a row, Rutgers and MIT have won the Division 1 and 2 Cyclocross conference championships. Rutgers led the season from start to finish, winning all but two race weekends to finish well in front of everyone else. In Division 2, RIT mounted a long, hard-fought challenge that came within mere points of displacing MIT from the top step, and finished second in D2 and third overall. UVM and Army round out the team podium.

For the individual omniums, Patrick Bradley of Rutgers repeats as Men’s A champion, followed by Peter Hagerty from RIT and Chris Hamlin from UVM. On the Women’s side, Laura Ralston of MIT and Molly Hurford of Rutgers take the honors in D2 and 1, respectively, with Ari Filiberti of Dartmouth in 3rd.
In the Men’s B, Charles Thompson of Rutgers placed top 3 in nearly every event to take the overall win. Our women’s B winner is Karina DeMair of Rutgers, while teammate Adam Nawrot wins Men’s C (notice a Garden State pattern here?). Complete results will be posted to the ECCC website shortly.

Teams from Rutgers, RIT, MIT, RPI, UVM, Dartmouth, Maine College of Art, and others I may have forgotten are heading to Oregon this week to represent the ECCC at Cyclocross Nationals and show the scholarship-granting schools what’s what. Wish us luck and look for possible streaming online.

Thanks to everyone who came out this year to make ECCC CX a success. Special thanks to Steve Hopengarten for help with scoring and web updates. If anyone has feedback on the season, feel free to send it my way. I’m hoping to finish my sentence at MIT this spring, so if anyone would like to volunteer to take over ECCC CX and make it even better next year, please contact myself and Joe.

Thanks all!


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