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Hi all,

The 2011 road season is fast approaching.  Racers are well into there preparations for the season and promoters are finalizing their events.  All in all the ECCC 2011 season promises to be one of the best yet.  Capturing the essence and excitement of the ECCC is this site’s goal and it wouldn’t be possible without the efforts of a devoted cadre of talented contributors.

We are looking for new contributors to fuel the site in 2011. No previous experience is necessary, just a desire to get involved. The comittment level can vary depending on the needs of each person.  It is a volunteer position after all.  Creating content for this site can be a great opportunity for anyone interested in cycling or journalism.  If you are interested follow this link.

The site has generated about 30,000 views since its inception 9 months ago and topped out at 1,300 hits on a single day.  This success is very much a reflection on the quality of contribution that we experienced last year and is a vista to ascend from.  To do this we need to continue to generate great content, which in turn requires great contributors. If you are interested follow this link.

Ultimately the goal of this site is to make cycling a better place.  To get there we want to raise the profile of cycling in general.  The best way for us to do this is to go forward on generating interest and enthusiasm for collegiate cycling.  Lets face it there is a lot to love about the ECCC.  In a world where collegiate cycling has a higher profile school recognition, participation, sponsorship and competition should all benefit.  All these dreams can trace their roots to a creative kernal in every contributor and their desire to create content.  The first step to doing this is to fill out this form.


Many Thanks and I look forward to working with some new faces!




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