Nationals Qualifications 2011


Congratulations to all of our champions, and everybody for persevering
through a season that featured not a single day without at least a
little freezing cold or rain or both… All of this year’s promoters
did an excellent job, and all races ran notably smoothly. As always,
I would love to hear any comments, suggestions, or crazy ideas to keep
the conference moving forward and getting better and better.

[ Nationals ]

Below is the full list of qualified and eligible riders for road
nationals. If you or your riders have any problems registering or
other questions, please let me know immediately.

Remember that all riders at nationals must be full time students and
submit the USAC Collegiate Nationals Eligibility Verification form
[1]! Note that your school registrar must process this form, so you
must budget time to have it properly completed on schedule!

Qualifying teams are reminded that they may start 6 riders in the road
race, 4 in the crit, and may enter at most 8 different riders per
gender across all of the time trial, road race, and crit. All of
those riders must come from the list below of eligible riders.

Teams with individual qualifiers may also do the TTT, details below.

[ Division 1 Women ]

Top 3 Qualified Teams and Their Eligible Riders
Penn State
Morgan Farnsworth
Jess Kutz
Mandy Marquardt
Lauren Shirock

Eun Young Choi
Anna McLoon (crit callup—D1 sprint leader)
Sophy Lee

Rachel Meyer

Top 5 Individuals
Kim Zubris, Boston University (road race callup—D1 season champion)
Maggie Sullian, Northeastern University
Bella Oleksy, UNH
Leah Oppenheimer, UConn
Aimee Layton, Columbia

Extended Invitations
Shane Ferro, Columbia (road race and crit)

[ Division 2 Women ]

Top 5 Qualified Teams and Their Eligible Riders
Christina Birch
Martha Buckley
Yuri Matsumoto
Katie Quinn (road race and crit callup—overall and D2 season
champion and sprint leader)
Laura Ralston

Kelly Desharnais
Rebekah Morris
Sinead ODwyer

Elle Anderson

Franklin and Marshall
Courtney Gregor

US Military Academy
Gabriella Allong
Lauren Heiliger

Top 11 Individuals
Rachel Yodis, Millersville University
Erica Blom, Yale University

[ Division 1 Men ]

Top 3 Qualified Teams and Their Eligible Riders
Penn State
Arnaud Borner
Kevin McGuire (crit callup—overall and D1 sprint leader)
Rodney Santiago
Jeremy Shirock
Wyatt Stoup (road race callup—overall and D1 season champion)

Jordan Diekema
Stuart McManus
David Ziehr

Tristan Baldwin
Jacob Bobrow
Matt Buckley
Ben Coleman
Nathan Davis
Chris Hamlin
Matt Mainer
Ben Carbonetti

Top 5 Individuals
Max Korus, University of Pennsylvania
Charlie Zamastil, Temple University
Ross Marklein, University of Pennsylvania
Samson McHugh, University of Pittsburgh
Matt Furlow, University of Pennsylvania

Extended Invitations
Nicholas Reinert, University of Pennsylvania (road race and crit)
Waclaw Godycki, Cornell University (road race only)
Craig Keasler, Boston University (road race only)
Eric Poeltl, University of Pennsylvania (road race only)

[ Division 2 Men ]

Top 5 Qualified Teams and Their Eligible Riders
Adam Bry
Michael Garrett
Zach LaBry
Andrew Lysaght
Joe Near
John Rhoden
Spencer Schaber

Jeff Salvitti (road race callup—D2 season champion)

Will Boylston
Ben Grass
Matt Nichols

Franklin and Marshall
Rob Burnett
Andrew Mitstifer
Daniel Rossi
James Wolf

US Military Academy
Nick Garcia (crit callup—D2 sprint leader)
Gregory Keith
Steve Rusnak
Brendan Siekman
James Thornton

Top 11 Individuals
Evan Murphy, Rhode Island School of Design
Garrett Olson, Villanova University
Robert Abramo, Villanova University
Austin Roach, Princeton University
Edward Grystar, Brown University
Charlie Avis, Princeton University
Robin Carpenter, Swarthmore College
Gregory Alexander, Brown University
Macky Franklin, Middlebury College
Dan Ipp, Rochester Institute of Technology
Brad Warren, University of Massachusetts-Lowell

Extended Invitations
Evan Cooper, Tufts University (road race and crit)
Eric Fischer, Yale University (road race and crit)
Rodney Kauffman, Millersville University (road race and crit)
Pete Hagerty, Rochester Institute of Technology (road race and crit)

Alex Abarbanel-Grossman, Middlebury College (road race only)
Ryan Smolko, Kutztown University (road race only)
Jeff Eli, University of Massachusetts-Lowell (road race only)
AJ Moran, Wentworth Institute of Technology (road race only)

[ Team Time Trials ]

Riders from a school that does not qualify as a team but do qualify as
individuals for both the road race and crit may also enter the team
time trial. That school may then also enter eligible non-qualifying
and/or lower category riders in (solely) the team time trial to fill
their squad, just as qualifying teams may. All of the usual rules
apply in these circumstances, including:

– All riders must be full time students and submit an Eligibility Form.

– No team may have more than 8 men and 8 women compete at Nationals.

– All riders must have raced at least 2 category A events this season.

Most teams in these circumstances should have no problem with the
latter rule, given that all ECCC A TTTs require three finishers. As
an example, a school that does not qualify as a team but does qualify
three men as individuals may enter the team time trial. As another
example, a school that qualifies two women as individuals may enter
the TTT and may bring one or two other women to compete with them in
that event, provided they have done two A races (e.g., TTTs).


– joe kopena
right here and now

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