Snowy MTB Nationals

 A pre-race report from Derek Harnden (UVM)


We made it.

Yesterday we landed in Albuquerque with all our bikes and had a scenic drive north.  Speed limits out here are 75mph with dead straight perfect highways until the mountains.  Pretty cool.  It was 78*F in the city and sunny.  It dropped to 30*F by the time we got to Angel Fire, where we were accompanied with 2-3inches of snow and white out conditions.  The pass 3miles from Angel Fire had a couple cars off the road, and later the snow plow went off closing the highway.  Not many people here yet.  We ate and got our bikes built up and went to bed hoping for a sunny tomorrow.

Woke up this morning and it was still snowing.  About 2-3 inches at the base, with 4-6inches on the lower slopes, and rumors of almost a foot at the top.  Nothing is really set up yet so we are waiting for the course to be marked to ride and inspect it.  Walking over to the lodge, I saw someone skiing down a trail.  Awesome.

Stayed tuned to our twitter @uvm_cycling and check facebook for videos.  We have limited internet here but we will be uploading stuff at every chance we get.

Attached picture sums up the weather.

Sun in the future?!?

PS.  Could someone send us skis?

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