ECCC Cyclocross Week 2!


Despite a major storm sweeping across the east coast, the ECCC soldiered on in typical fashion to race through some brutal conditions over the weekend.

Day one at Beacon Cross was one for the ages all the racing was in downpour, high winds and temps below 40F. Both Rutgers and the Rochester institute of Technology rolled deep with big teams, but thanks to Jessica Kutz, Penn State tied Rutgers for top spot on the team standing for the day.

Day two at HPCX took place in much warmer, sunny conditions, but the 2 inches of snow from the night before turned the course into a total mess causing many a rider to slip and slide there way through the course. Top honors for the day went to Rutgers and Penn State again for tying with team scoring.

Over on the individual scoring side of things, Peter Hagerty (RIT) has taken the lead for Men’s A, with Patrick Bradley (Rutgers) in second, while Jess Kutz (PSU) and Casey Kelly (RIT) are tied for the lead in Women’s A.

After week 2 Rutgers stands atop the team overall standings with 290 points with RIT in hot pursuit having 279 points, and Penn State rolls in for 3rd with 100 points.

Things are going to change drastically this weekend with the northern crowd showing up in Northampton, MA for the Cycle-Smart International.

Full series standings, registration information and results can be found on the ECCC Calendar page [1].


Steven Hopengarten & Tim Manzella
ECCC Cyclocross Coordination Executive Command Team

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