Easter Weekend Team Recap

Easter weekend provided a pretty big shakeup (as predicted) in the team overall.  The distance and the lure of the creature comforts were enough to keep some big players out of the racing.  Most notable, former leaders MIT opted out of competition(save on racer on Saturday).


yup.  Teams are running out of time, every point differential becomes more and more important.  If any team misses out it can be devastating at this point in the season.

Big Losers

MIT:  From first to forth.  Missing this weekend is pretty huge.  They are still very much in contention, but they have a 144 point deficit to make up on the new leader.  They are a strong team, but so are all of the teams that are now ahead of them.  Both of the Pennsylvania teams have a reputation for not being able to travel well.  If this holds true, the only team they will seriously have to worry about overtaking is UVM, a team that they have had the best of numerous times this year.

Dartmouth: Gave up  122 point lead over Boston University by not showing up to this weekend. These guys are hosting Easterns, last time they did this they won.  Can they bring out a big attendance and turn around this downward slide?

Harvard:  Didn’t show, didn’t score.  They went all the way from 6th (254 points out of first) to 9th (403 out of first).  The two WA racers on this team are the big points earners, get them t show up and these folks can claw up a few spots, otherwise  it is a long  painful slide out of the top 10 overall.

Biggest Winners

Penn State: Went from 4rth to 2nd.  I still think that this is the best team in the ECCC when they are firing on all cylinders.  I strongly think that they can win the overall, but they need to show up in force.  They also need their ringers to show up.  Their women seem pretty committed to racing in the ECCC, the truly good men of Penn State only show up for a race or two.  If they can scare up a dedicated contingent of MA racers for the next few weeks they can put together a great end to the season.

U Penn: Max Korus and Rebecca Chan are the big point earning motors of this team.  They were able to pull themselves  over MIT’s absence to claim first overall, for the time being.  They all have to show up, and have good races to hold on.  A missed race, untimely flat, anything realy can throw a small team way off their game.  The pressure is on.

BU: Leapfrogged over Harvard.  With both of their WB riders becoming WA riders this team is gaining a lot of point scoring potential.  If this turns into point accumulation, we will see.

Bucknell: Their home race was their coming out party.  They had a great 2nd place in the MA Road Race, a solid 5th in the W A/B crit, and an emphatic win in the MB Crit.  To top it all off they jumped from 10th to 8th in the overall.  This team went from a team that showed up last year, to a team of racers looking for wins this year.  The fact that they put on a race and still had awesome performances says so much about the team structure.


UVM: held onto 3rd place, but didn’t advance…  Maybe some of the closer races will yield better results.  Women racers are what this team is lacking, if they had a lot of them, they would be unstoppable, something to work on.

Three weeks left, lets see what happens….

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