ECCC Spring Meeting

Another ECCC meeting has come and gone.  The conference was again hosted in lovely Bass Hall at Yale in New Haven Connecticut.  These meetings are crucially important for the continued functioning of the Conference.  They help set new rules and determine the upcoming schedules.  For those of you that were unable to come to the meeting this will provide a brief(ish) recap of what was discussed.  For the full meeting notes check out the ECCC website.

MTB Schedule:

Whiteface in all of its Glory

A whole bunch of really great races were presented.  The first three races of the year were finalized at the following dates.

  • Sept 11/12 (RIT) Whiteface
  • Sept 18th/19th (UNH) Kingman Farm/Highland
  • Sept 25th/26th (Lehigh) MT. Top Campus

The final two weeks of the year are still being discussed to see what situation works best for each of the teams.  Either NU or UVM will host Easterns, the other team will host a race the weekend before.  Both schools have a great track record with the event in recent years.

  • Oct2/3 (UVM) or (NU)
  • Oct9/10  (NU) or (UVM)

In this schedule we are seeing the return of four really great races with seasoned race promoters and teams that are accustomed to the rigors of hosting a race.  We also have the addition of a new opener race.  This will be hosted by RIT.  This event, though the newest on the calendar appears to be the farthest along in planning for the race.  Each of the courses that RIT is using has been used in Pro Level racing.  The downhill is humored to take Sam Mellon over eight minutes to complete!!!!  Racers should look forward to some really great racing all season long.

MTB Rule Change:

The Conference unanimously voted to change the assistance rule for MTB Season.  The original USAC rule stated that no outside assistance was permitted to any racer.  No tubes could be traded off, not multitools shared.  Given all of the uniqueness of collegiate racing the Conference opted to change the rule to:

All category racers may receive anything out on trail.  Excluding the replacement of a frame.  Replacing frames may happen, but only in the pit zone after a breakage has been demonstrated to an official.  For a frame replacement or swap to occur a breakage of a non-durable components must be demonstrated to the official in the pit zone.

Need for a Track Season Coordinator:

More Track Racing in the ECCC?

Currently the Road, MTN and Cyclocross seasons all have season coordinators that piece together a calendar, work with promoters and bring a collegiate product to bear.  The position is really important to ensuring a high quality product and that the season gets off of the ground.  Without a coordinator the track season is doomed to be limited to the few number of races where the promoter is committed to having collegiate fields.  For the season and participation to grow the Conference is in need of coordinator.  If you love track racing, collegiate cycling and have a passion for making things happen; you are certainly qualified to do this.

Any inquiries into the position should be directed to Joe Kopena, Conference Director.

Women’s Cycling:

A lot of work has gone into trying to improve the state of women’s cycling in the past few months.  At the meeting several of these efforts were reviewed.

*Expansion of Women’s Intro:  This category is now open to non-collegiate racers.  The idea behind this is that there are very few opportunities for new woman racers to get into the sport.  Many races simply offer an open women’s race, which nearly guarantees an sub-optimal experience.  This is really designed to let brand new racers get the intro experience in the women’s field.

*New Categorization Scheme: To try to smooth out the talent/ability curve of the racers.  To do this a Women’s C field has been added.  The women’s A and B fields will be racing together at the race distances.  The A and B women will be scored differently (separate A and B points) but results will be posted together.   Racers who were B’s last year have a tough choice on whether they should go B or C this year.  This change was designed to skim off all of the best B racers of last year who were unable to get their Cat 3 licences.  Folks who were in it to win it every race should stay Bs.  People who couldn’t consistently be top 10/15 riders at the finish would probably enjoy racing C more.

If you have any Questions please feel free to email the Women’s Cycling Coordinator: Maggie Sullivan

*New Website:  The new (soon to be released ECCC website) is going to incorporate many more resources for women racers.  It will have links to other women’s racing sites, recommended races things of this nature.

*Social Media:  Women’s cycling of the ECCC has been trying to increase networking amongst the different populations of women.  There is a facebook group ‘Wonder Women of the ECCC’ and a Google Group.  Both of these sites are designed to help foster conversations and ultimately improve the quality of the ECCC experience for women racers.  Join them today!!!

Host Housing:

The ECCC has brought back the host housing program.   This program tries to match up available housing with racers looking for a free place to stay.  Detail for each race weekend will be posted through the ECCC Google Group.

  1. February 21st, 2010

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