Overall Shakedown

This sixth week of ECCC racing saw some pretty substantial changes and shifts.  Both the individual and team standings saw some big changes.  Once again the big story was absences.  Some teams and individuals didn’t show, and will find themselves behind the eight ball these next few weekends.

Women’s Overall:

With no Anna McLoon, it was once again a once woman show.  Martha Buckley (MIT) was able to light up the field.  Any action in the races was watched or controlled by Martha.  At this point, Martha has almost a two fold lead in both the sprint and overall competitions.

Men’s Overall:

Series Leader:  Max Korus (U Penn) couldn’t get out of work, and ended up out of his yellow jersey.  After last weekend I was beginning to think that Max had an insurmountable lead and was too strong to be beat.  Without him there, Lee Peters (UVM) took advantage in a big way.  He picked up 197 pts on the weekend and now has a 80 pt lead.  So long as Lee can stay within a place or two of Max in the remaining 5 individual races, he might be able to hold onto his yellow jersey.

Sprint Jersey:  Going into the weekend Alex Cox (UVM) had a pretty substantial lead.  He elected to race for his trade team on Saturday, but was going to make the crit on Sunday.  He and a few of the other UVM guys who were racing at Battenkill on Saturday got lost on their morning ride.  They showed up to the crit 5 laps into the A race.

This would have been a great opportunity for Trevor Eide (Dartmouth) to regain the Green Jersey that he once held.  He wasn’t able to make as much of this advantage as he could have.  He missed out on almost all of the prime opportunities.  At least for another week Alex Cox will be holding onto his green Jersey.

Team Overall:

This weekend saw little change in the order of the teams.  However, it did see things tighten up in the top four.  Penn State only showed up with a few riders, this saw them drop from 2nd to 4rth.  MIT was able to bump back up to 2nd place.  U Penn is still first and UVM is still third. There is only 119 points between first and fourth.

Although there are only two weekends left, there is still 37% of the possible team points left on the table.  There are a lot of opportunities for glorious victories or blunders that will cost a top spot.

U Penn already suffered from a lack of attendance at Yale.  Will they be able to rally the troops just in order to win the season?  We will have to see…

MIT has been able to light up the points at every weekend they have shown up to.  As long as they can drag their whole Women’s A squad to the races, I have hard time seeing them loosing.

UVM  has a team a racers, they push for wins.  These next two weekends are the closest for the ‘blood thirsty horde.’  Will the proximity to their home and the smell of blood in the water be enough to put up big results in all of the crucial fields.

Penn State is the most balanced team in the ECCC they can score points in every field.  They are notoriously bad at traveling.  If they can pull out all of the stops and show up with all of their biggest guns, they can certainly take a win.

    • Ross
    • April 14th, 2010

    and even when penn shows, they can’t make it to the start on time…i hope everyone enjoyed our short lived TTT during the crit

    • Sully
    • April 14th, 2010

    I enjoyed it immensely. I was hoping it would last longer, and that you guys would try to make it come back.

  1. April 14th, 2010

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