Team/ Individual Omniums Close Going into Easterns

The team overall is very close going into the final weekend.    180 points only separate the top 6 teams and they are all rattling their sabers coming into the weekend.  The top 3 teams are only have a 40 point spread.  Any of the these teams could in theory take home the team overall.  With three events all being worth double points there are a maximum of 600 team points available (for a perfect score in each event)

6th Place 952 pts  Yale:  An outside shot, sure it is.  However, they have been going really really strong the last two weekends.  If they can replicate this and the teams above them are lackluster, who knows?

5th Place 965 Dartmouth:  Last week I struggled with whether I wanted to talk about these guys and gals.  I didn’t.  Hopefully I am not Jinxing them now.  They are also an outside shot, but I would put my money on the Big Green winning at home.  It will just be a matter of how far ahead they are.  I would expect double or triple the number of racers sporting the colors of Big Green

4th place 999 pts Penn State:  These guys and gals have the strongest team that doesn’t like to go to races.  When it is close and convenient they bring out Herculean riders that reign excellence on the roads of the ECCC.  When it is far away, they are limited to just a few core racers.

3rd Place 1091 pts U Penn:  Even with top shelf performances from their Men, this team is lost without a Women’s A racer scoring points.    As the season wears on the Northern teams have been able to field TTT squads in Men’s and Women’s that have knocked this team back.

2nd Place 1095 UVM:  This is the closest race for the Barbarians of the North, only 2hrs.  Between that and the close nature of the omnium, look for a lot of Green and Gold in every pack.  If they want to win they have to make up a 40 pt deficit on MIT.  They have only been able to out score MIT once this year, and that was last weekend.   They scared up a few more girls, but it will require perfection.  The TTT will be a good indicator of how cohesive this team will be.  This is my other pick for win of the weekend.

1rst place 1135 MIT:  Just don’t strike out.  Bunt, Walk, Single, any of those are enough for MIT to win.  They have a buffer, a small one, but still a buffer.  Last year they came to Easterns with a four point buffer and walked away with a commanding lead.  Will history repeat itself?

The Men’s A overall is fairly close as well.  Last weekend Max Korus regained the Yellow Jersey.  This was the result of some great individual riding and snatching up 23 of the 30 possible prime points to pull himself into the Yellow Jersey by 16 points.  It is pretty close,  either of them could win it.  Max seems to have great strength, Lee has a huge team.  It will be up to both of these guys to marshal their resources into something that will bring the final Jersey home with them.


The Women’s A ominium and sprint competition are pretty much wrapped up.  Martha Buckley has such an overwhelming lead, that she could probably not show up and still win both of the competitions.


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