Yale Pre-season Preview

We lost a lot of experienced riders last year, but this year we’ve gained the enthusiasm of many new riders.  We’re working hard to introduce many new riders to the sport.  Specifically, we’re focusing on our women’s squad and are psyched about all that the ECCC is doing for female racers. Oh, and another broad goal is complete and total galactic domination.

Is your team going to climb in the team rankings?  How are you going to make it happen?  (racing faster, new recruits, tricky business, or did you talk the entire women’s Nordic team to race bikes this spring?)

I won’t tell you our secret plan for how to best utilize our 300 new intro riders, but it rhymes with “rattrition.”

Lots of teams have quirks, traditions or just some odd practice.  What sets your team/ teammates apart from all of the kids that they are racing?

We’ve got the best sponsor ever: NormaTec.  Now instead of forcing freshmen to massage our legs after a race, we’ve got a machine to do their job.  And it does it better.  No offense, freshmen, but you’re just a little too inexperienced, if you know what I mean.

If your’e jealous of our NormaTec Sponsor, you can have our freshmen.

If you had to describe your team as a clothing outfit.  What would it be?

A strategically unbuttoned white shirt underneath a trim black velvet blazer.  Jet black pressed pants.  A carefully tilted beret and perfectly reflective aviators.  And black polished shoes with embedded cleats.  With leopard print underwear.
Every team has another team that is their nemesis, a jersey that makes their riders go red in eyes and sprint a little harder to get to the line first.  Which team does it for you?

In haiku form:

A unispoke wheel,

Can’t save you from our pain cave.

Lube up, MIT

Finish this statement.  “I hate losing, but if I had to lose a weekend to any team it would be __________.”  Why?

Hahvard.  Because we’d know that, after the weekend was over, they’d be forced to return to their bitter misery.  Taste it, Cantabs.
Which Race/Race weekend is getting the most amount of buzz inside the team?

Lux et Velocitas, duh!  It’ll be like last year, but without the weather of the apocalypse

Any big racer graduations, transfers, injuries from your 2009 team?

We lost a lot of experienced riders to the “real world” last year.  Our smoking men’s B TTT is no more.  We’re hoping to replace them with 300 intro riders.  It’ll be like that movie.  300.  But with more blood

Any new members that are going to light the roads of the ECCC on fire with speed and dazzle the finish line cameras with their poetic victory salutes (while keeping their hands on the bars of course!!)?  Who are your hot prospects?

Greg Lemond

It happens every year.  A racer gets a taste of bike racing, whets their appetite and then becomes a training/racing fiend.  Who on your team is ready to come out, guns blazing come the Rutgers TT?

Nicholas Geiser: boy has been training!
Who is going to win the Men’s/Women’s overall?  Predictions, reasons, absurd observations?

Has Nick Frey graduated yet?

There is one less weekend of racing this season than last.  How does that affect your race season plans?   Missing a single weekend represents a bigger chunk of the seasons available points.  Do you see this as a benefit or a detriment to you team?
Although we’re definitely going to miss another weekend of racing, it’ll give our top riders a chance to rest themselves before nationals.

  1. February 17th, 2010

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