Men’s A: A Solo Sunday Cruise

Clayton Barrows on his Sunday Ride, Courtesy Chatura Atapattu (Drexel)

Clayton Barrows (Penn State)  decided that a Sunny Easter afternoon was a nice chance to get some miles in.  He hopped on his bike at State College Pa and rolled over to Bucknell campus.  A short 50~ miles cruise, he got to the race just in time to grab his numbers, switch into a Penn State kit and take the line.

Apparently he enjoyed the solo ride over enough that he decided to extend his alone time.  A little over a lap into the race he shirked the company of the field for the exalted solitude of a single break on a technical criterium course.  With each lap that passed it became clearer and clearer the Clayton was the class of the field, he was able to calmly, smoothly dictate his gap back to the main field.

Back in the main field there was plenty of action going on, mostly revolving arround the prime point sprints.  Alex Cox (UVM) took over the lead in this competition last weekend.  The second place rider (Trevor Eide (Dartmouth)) didn’t show at the race.  This gave Alex a sterling opportunity to ramp up the gap between their point totals.

Alex Cox (UVM) races to defend his Green Jersey, Courtesy Chatura Atapattu (Drexel)

Clayton was soaking up all of the top points, but Alex did manage to take 2nd place in 4 of the primes.  This enabled Alex to extend his lead to 65-39 over his nearest competition in the classification.

In the waning laps of the race the lead group on the road lapped the 2nd group on the road.  Given how close the riders were to the finish, the predictable carnage and chaos ensued.  Both Alex Cox (Sprint Leader) and Nathan Kuperstock (BU, 3rd overall) were caught out of the action do to misbehaving lapped riders.

With one lap to go Clayton Barrows had enough of a gap that he was able to sit up and soft pedal around the course.  Normally races make some sort of self-aggrandizing gesture as a victory salute.  Thumping chests, pointing skyward, and fist pumping are all par for the course.  What Barrows chose to do was by far one of the classiest victory salutes I have seen to date.

He managed to slow down enough to give the venerable Penn State Coach a high five.  Selfless, respectful and classy.

Right behind them  Derek Harden (UVM) was leading out his team President Lee Peters to a second place finish.  Harden managed to hang on for second himself.

Up until this race Max Korus has had a pretty smooth run of the races, he had gotten by without any major incidents.  In this crit he crashed once and dropped his chain immediately preceding the final sprint.  It didn’t cost him the Jersey, but it did put him out of the final sprint.

  1. April 5th, 2010

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