Men’s A: The Best Defense…

The Best Defense, Courtesy Chatura Atapattu (Drexel)

The best defense is often a great offense.  Max Korus (U Penn) showed why he was wearing the Yellow Jersey of the overall leader during Bucknell’s Road race.  Max put in a powerful move on the final lap to distance himself from a group of 6 riders, one of whom was 2nd place overall Lee Peters (UVM)

The Race:

Was held in pastoral Lewisburg PA.  The course featured glass smooth road, a few gradual corners and some gradual climbs.  With no substantial course features all of the separation would come from the action from the races.  The finish line was a slight downhill run in from about 200 meters

How it played out:

The early laps  were marked by a series of attacks, but no major moves were set to roll.  With a lap to go there were 6 riders with a practically insurmountable lead over the field.  The group contained: Max Korus, Lee Peters, Jeff Slavitti, Nick Reinhart, Robert Burnett and Charlie Zamastil.

In the Final Lap Max was simply able to out class the rest of the field.  Lee Peters said, “Sometimes you miss the move and their is nothing you can do about it.  This wasn’t one of those times, he just rode away from us.”

With Max being able to race like this it seems less and less likely that either Nathan Kuperstock (BU, 3rd overall) or Lee Peters (UVM 2nd overall) will able to catch up.  It is awfully hard to score more points than someone who is winning prolifically.

Pastoral Scenery in Pa, Courtesy Chatura Atapattu (Drexel)

  1. April 5th, 2010

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