Women’s A/B: Road Race Report

Finish of the Women's A/B Road Race, Courtesy Chatura Atapattu (Drexel)

The Women’s A/B race was profoundly affected by the absence of the two superwomen of the ECCC, MIT’s Martha Buckley and Harvard’s Anna McLoon.  These two have been able to animate the just about all of the races that they have been in this year.    Hard charging and often attacking these two riders make or break the races that they are in.

The lack of leadership in th pack was pretty evident.  Very few riders made attempts at getting up the road during their 45 mile road race.  The gusting wind and the leisurely pace of the field discouraged solo moves.

The biggest separations in the race came from a series of crashes.  On the last lap a crash caused a split between a front group of 10 and the remain racers.  Once the race was given the full width of the road, another crash occurred puling three of the girls onto the ground.  This also shook up the order of girls going into the final sprint.

None the less there was a thrilling sprint.  This was essentially a three up sprint between two Yale riders (Sarah Bowman and Laura Kroepsch) and a Penn State rider (Lauren Shirlock).

Both of the Yale riders were able to out fox the State rider to the line.  Sarah Bowman joined the ranks of B racers who have been tantalizingly close to taking a win in the A/B race.  Her teammate denied it to her, but it was a real close thing.

  1. April 5th, 2010

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