Lehigh Report

Men's A STXC Action

Eastern Conference MTB racing was hosted this weekend by Lehigh
University at their Mountaintop Campus in Bethlehem,
Pennsylvania.  Featuring full downhill and endurance courses
entirely within university grounds and an adjacent park, Lehigh’s
MTB race is one of the oldest and longest running race of any
discipline in the ECCC, having been held steadily for well over a
decade.  UVM gravity team alumnus and new Boston College MTB
coach Will Marks noted “This is quintessential collegiate
racing—low key, super chill, but great courses and racing, and
lots of tradition and history.”  This year’s race featured six
events: Cross country, two distinct downhill coures, short track,
team relay, and clusterhuck relay, in which XC riders pair up
with downhillers in a hill climb/downhill tag team race.

ECCC MTB newcomer Jesus Martinez from Columbia University
continued his dominating streak, crushing the XC despite a
mechanical in the holeshot and a flat in the last lap forcing him
to ride his front rim a considerable distance.  University of New
Hampshire rider Rose Cameron came up just short with a strong
effort on his singlespeed in the STXC and is a conference
favorite to challenge Jesus in the coming races.  Clarkson
University’s Alex McAndrews recovered from a last place finish in
Saturday’s DH to claim another DH win for the season in Sunday’s
tightly contested race.  Promoter Lehigh University took
advantage of the home race to win the weekend team standings by
placing riders consistently in every event.

Full results are on the ECCC calendar:

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