NU Epic Kick-Off Preview

Northeastern cycling is not only one of the largest and most competitive mountain bike teams in the ECCC, they are also among the best race promoters.  This year the team has taken on the challenge of hosting two races for the ECCC,  allowing the season to extend from 5 weekends to six.  The first weekend is being hosted at the Highland Mountain Bike Park.

Highland has appeared several times on the ECCC schedule and has been a perennial favorite venue within the conference.  While much has remained the same for this event there are several changes this year.  This will be the first time that the Northeastern has hosted at this venue and the first time an entire weekend has been hosted here.

The 2011 race will feature a brand new XC course at Highland mountain.  While the conference has yet to race on this track expectations are very high.  The quality of trail building that is apparent throughout the rest of the mountain readily suggests that the XC riding will be world class.

This year features the return of the venerable DH and DS courses with have thrilled and inspired ECCC racers for years.  The DS course is very long steep and technically challenging.  Some of the fastest runs are clocked in at mid forty second range.  For a rider to make it through the entire bracket will require strength and endurance.

Short track and the Team Relay are hosted on a very unique machine built track featuring an A and B line.  Riders need to be able to pump, boost and shred for maximum results on this course.   The STXC course debuted in 2010 and was the most spectator friendly of the entire year.


The party biking at Highland is super choice.  Even those that have finished their races with soul crushing defeats will have a hard time leaving Highland without a smile.

  1. September 5th, 2011

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