Race Summary

Written by:  Joe Kopena


The Eastern Conference held its first mountain bike weekend for
the 2011–2012 school year at Highland Mountain Bike Park in New
Hampshire, September 10 and 11.  Race organizers Northeastern
University continued their streak as the best MTB race promoters
in the conference, executing an extremely well run event
including the ECCC standard schedule of cross country, dual
slalom, short track, team relay, and downhill.  This weekend
marked the race debut of Highland’s new XC trails, the first few
miles of an envisioned mountain-wide system, deemed by riders as
a great addition to Highland’s world class downhill and slalom,
and fun, offbeat, jump track-based STXC courses.

Jesus Martinez of Columbia University swept the endurance races,
recovering from a fast crash through a berm sequence in a closely
contested STXC to capitalize on front runner Joseph Reis (UVM)’s
mechanical difficulties in the final lap.  UNH rider and ECCC
Women’s Coordinator Isabella Oleksy took an early and substantial
lead in the individual standings by winning the STXC and DS as
well as placing second in the XC.

The home team took the men’s dual slalom in a heated Men’s A
finale, with Peter McNulty (NU) holding off a strong second run
charge by Craig Michaud (Wentworth) to win on the extremely long
course by a 0.17 second differential, capitalizing well on the
ECCC’s new photogates.  On Highland’s very technical downhill
course, Tom Davidson (UVM) won by just under 2 seconds over
pre-race favorite Alex McAndrew (Clarkson), whose teammate Anne
Minor (Clarkson) in turn took the Women’s A downhill.



{1}  Joe’s Photo’s can be seen here

{2}  We would love to have someone writing more in depth reports.  If you are interested talk to Sully or Joe at the next weekend.



  1. September 13th, 2011

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