NU Wild Western Mass Preview

Northeastern’s second event of the season promises the return of a dormant venue and lots of exciting racing.  The last time that Holiday Farm and Jiminy were used was in the Fall of 2008.  At that time Union College, UMASS and MIT hosted the event.

The XC courses is one of the few known quantities going into this event.  The trails at Holiday farm feature a great mix of conditions so that every rider gets a chance to shine.  The trails don’t feature any of the prolonged climbing that the first two weekends have seen.  Instead there are a series of shorter climbs and descents.  The single track is typically sweeping and pretty smooth although several root warped sections can be found.  A number of bridges and logs are also littered about the course.  This course will be much higher speed affair than the first two xc offerings this year.  Don’t forget your big rings at home.

The DS course will be a creature of Northeasern’s creation.  In the past when NU has been put to the task of Slalom creation they have churned out masterpieces.  The slope previously used was a nice pitch that build up momentum without the excessive steepness which can send less experienced racers grabbing fistfuls of brakes.  The actual course won’t be known until we roll up on Saturday morning.

Dh at Jiminy is an event I never raced and lack concrete knowledge of.  It will be as much a surprise for you as it is for me.

The STXC course will be an entirely new affair that I lack any knowledge of.


Rob Miessner’s Email:

Hey Everybody,
The most anxiously awaited mountain bike race of the season is just around the corner!  NU Cycling’s Wild Western Mass weekend is this coming weekend, and we’ll be bringing collegiate racing back to the legendary grounds of Holiday Farms and Jiminy Peak.  Holiday farms has awesome XC trails that everyone will surely have a blast on, and a hand built slalom track which will be nothing short of breath-taking.  Jiminy will be using a new (and fun) STXC course which will provide great racing for both the technical riders and the hill climbers.  The DH course is back mostly unchanged and just as rad as everyone remembers.  Just a few updates to make sure everyone has an excellent weekend:
Team pre-reg can be accomplished by filling out the attached spreadsheet and sending it to me by Wednesday night.  Individuals can register on Bikereg through the ECCC’s website.  Registration will be available on site as usual, but we will be charging a late registration fee of $5 per rider, so sign up now!
In addition to the lodging options mentioned on the flyer, larger teams might want to consider a condo at Jiminy.  They have 2 or 3 bedroom condos available through their website at  That’s where NU will be staying, so that is where the party will be.
Looks like rain showers are possible any day this week, and then sunny and low 70’s both Saturday and Sunday.  This means awesome track conditions and beautiful riding weather.
This weekend could quite possibly be the best weekend of your life.  Do no miss it.

Rob Meissner
Northeastern University
Civil Engineering 2012
NU Cycling Team President


    • Joe Kopena
    • September 21st, 2011

    I am not sure what the NU guys have planned for STXC. Previously STXC at Jiminy has been a very short loop following a lift line and clearing, with some cuts into the woods here and there. It was basically set right on the side of the mountain, so you spent half the race climbing up, and then descending down. A lot of the descent was on grass chicanes so it was tough for a lot of people when it got wet, you had to be able to corner on grass and off camber pretty well. Again though, I have no idea what the guys are planning for this year.

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