Individual Overalls

By Ian Sullivan

Women’s Overall

At this point the top spot is fairly sorted out.  Anna McLoon (Harvard) has shown and asserted her dominance by winning every race so far this year.  As of now she has a 99 point lead on her closest competitor.  In the past Anna has departed for the occasional weekend to race with her trade team.  Depending on if and how often this happen the other girls would have a chance to claw the yellow jersey off her back.

The battle for second place is a good deal tighter.  Kim Zubris (Boston University) and Eun Young Choi (Harvard) are only separated by 12 points.  At the moment Zubris seems to be sprinting a better than Choi based on the crit finishes and the primes we have seen so far.  From the points race at Rutgers and from last year’s racing Choi has a firmly established reputation as a solid climber.  With so many new races and courses on the calendar this year, it is hard to say who is better suited to the rest of the season.

Women’s Sprint

Another category that is overwhelmingly dominated by McLoon.  She has won every prime so far this year.  This has given her a mind blowing lead at this point and forced her competitors to fight over the scraps.  While McLoon has accumulated 60 point so far this year her next closest competitor, Jess Kutz (Penn State), has only managed 15.  Kutz, Choi, and Zubris are all in the same neighborhood of point scoring at this point.  The dominance of McLoon has made it very hard to discern much difference in those racers so far.

Men’s Overall

No yellow jersey flew in the peloton this weekend.   Last weekend Austin Roach (Princeton) earned the jersey after several impressive performances.  Sadly this weekend he was absent, leaving the door open to his competitors.  Garett Olson (Vilanova) and Jeffery Salvitti (Bucknell) were the chief beneficiaries of Roach’s absence.  Both of these gentleman  have shown remarkable consistency thus far in the season.  With only one race being held this weekend neither was able to make any large gains over each other or Austin Roach.  Both were able to leap frog Roach, but not substantially.  Only about 40 points seperate the three.  From first to tenth in the mens overall there is only a spread of 100pts.  So far it is simply to early tell who is going to be the cream in this years batch of milk.

Philly’s circuit race has some climbs, but also features long straights by the rivers.  It is hard but not impossible for a climber or escapist to make off with the goods in this race.  Hardmen and all arrounders usually feature well in this race.  The Crit is new to the ECCC and is an unknown factor.

RPI’s weekend promise much excitement in overall racing.  An ITT and a highly technical crit will offer substantial chances for differentiation among the ranks.  The circuit race appear to have a solid climb into the finish.  With so much variety in the weekend, we coud see a big shake up in the overall.

Men’s Sprint

The Men’s Sprint Jersey is still firmly on the shoulders of Princeton’s Roach.  His race long solo effort at Rutgers Crit earned him a massive 25 points in the sprint competition.  A weekends absence was not enough for any other racer to make substantial gains.  Currently Charley Zamistil (Temple) and Garett Olson are tied in second with less than half the quantity of points.  Olsen is a strong sprinter and could look to a victory in this competition if his overall aspirations were to wane.

  1. March 15th, 2011

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